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Our Family

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I wear many hats!

I'm the iceman on the island, also a fisherman, one of the boat drivers to Pinel island, and of course one of your hosts.


By day I'm a teacher for adults, and still by day, I am your host. I'm one of your first contacts by mail, and I also make sure everything is perfect upon your arrival.


I'm the eldest daughter, and I mostly work behind the scene making sure all your request before arriving are taken care of.


I currently live in Marseille France. If you ever come over in the summer you will meet me. I'd say I'm a mini version of my Dad, very passionate about fishing, nature, and animals. I don't do much yet within the business, but I will gladly greet you when I'm there.


I'm still a bit young to even be thinking about my future job. I still go to school but live on the premises with my parents. You will most likely see me at diners where I will chat with you, or sometimes outside or in the ocean with my cousins.

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